Double Double Restaurant in Empire Centre, Richmond

Double Double Restaurant had opened for a while but it’s always a line-up.

016This time, we decided to wait no matter what. We were there just before noon and our wait was about 30 minutes and we had to share table with others. Besides the wait for the restaurant, parking is also another problem in this strip mall.


The restaurant was very busy and noisy as predicted.


The first impression was not so good as you can see that our utensil was not clean.


I ordered a sweet Chinese donut and a savory fried pancake to try as these remind me of my childhood. They are popular breakfast items in Malaysia’s morning market. The donut and pancake are huge.


Arkensen tried the sweet Chinese donut but did not to try the savory one. The savory pancake has a mild fermented bean curd flavour. The donut and pancake is $2.25 each.


Arkensen had a fried sticky rice for his main. It was a decent size for $6.50. This was flavourful with mushroom, preserved meat, peanuts and dried shrimp.


Nanzaro had a medium Double Double fried rice for $9.95. It was also loaded with ingredients especially the topping of meat floss.


I shared a rice roll wrapped with Chinese donut with Nanzaro. It was another big serving for $4.75.


Double Double Restaurant only accepts cash.

Double Double Restaurant 老油條大牌檔 on Urbanspoon Closed on Tuesday

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  1. HW

    Great Tasting Food, Incredibly Horrible Service and Attitude!

    Yes, it was very busy, so we were willing to wait for for good tasting food, and wait we did — almost an hour. That wasn’t an issue. As I can’t tolerate more than small amounts of MSG in my food, we asked the waitress to be sure to ask the cook not to add MSG. She didn’t say anything but gave us this very dirty look. I thought, oh this certainly does not bode well.

    Well, our food arrived, and sure enough I could taste the MSG — it was just loaded with it. The next morning my face and eyes were completely swollen and I woke up with a pounding headache.

    We’ve been here three times, thinking maybe with different waiters/waitresses the service would be different. Nope, same crappy service and lousy attitude. Never do that again. Food is just not worth the morning after pain! With so many great restaurants in Greater Vancouver, why should I have to spend money for this?!

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