KL Fall 2012: Mei King Lam Mee Restaurant

There is a very popular “lam mee”  restaurant near the Pudu Wet Market. We went there for our second lunch.


Mei King Lam Mee is always packed with customers. We had to share table with other clients.


Iced coffee for me and coke for Ben to cool down from the heat.


The above is their signature dish, lam mee.


Lam mee is thick Shanghai noodle served in a thick brown sauce, with prawns and char siew.


Their popular sambal chili sauce. They will charge 20cents for extra saucer.


We also ordered another popular item which is Curry Mee.


Curry mee uses thin yellow noodle.

The meal came to RM20 (about CAD6.50)

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  1. Nina

    Hi Ben & Suanne,

    Can you tell me of a place in Richmond where I can buy a good quality wok please?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Nina, there is food equipment store called Attinson on No. 3 Road next to Pho 78 which sells a variety of kitchen supplies, including some commercial woks.

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