Hot Pot at Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant, Richmond

We yearned for hot pot during the colder days. So, Ben, Nanzaro and I returned to Tak Heng Hot Pot for a hot pot dinner. Arkensen did not come along as he dislikes hot pot.


We had half half soup base (original and spicy). All soup base is $8.


The all you can eat hot pot is $18.95 per person for adult. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We were their first dinner customers of the day as it was just past 5PM.


There is a self service bar with various sauces, pickle vegetables and drink. Our choice of sauces were peanut sauce, chili bean sauce and fresh chili sauce.


The drink of the day was plum juice.


We had some pickled vegetables to whet up our appetite while waiting for order to arrive.


Grilled chicken wings for snacking. We heard the servers persistently promoting the chicken wings to customers.


Our choice of meat; beef rib eye, lamb and pork jowl.


Beef omasum, beef tendon, pork stomach, pork rind, pork liver, marinated beef and luncheon pork.


Gluten, tofu puff, fish ball, fish tofu, wonton, chives dumplings and mushrooms.


Various meat balls, shrimp, mussel, cuttlefish, squid and cod fillet.


Winter melon and bean curd sticks.


Various vegetables. Just beware the size of vegetables is huge. We had to return two plates as we simply can’t eat them all.


Egg noodle.


We also ordered a couple of cook items. The above was stir fried stick rice.


Beef stir fried beef noodle. Both cook items were pretty good.


Lastly, osmanthus jelly for dessert.


Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant accepts credit card.

Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant 德興火鍋酒家 on Urbanspoon

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