Penang Fall 2012: Hawker Center Dinner

After the round island tour, Ben’s aunt brought us to visit another of Ben’s cousin. He is the oldest in his generation. He is 20 years older than Ben.

He was delighted to hear that Ben has been working in Beijing. He shared his experience during his business trip in Beijing while he was working with Lin Ho. He also shared his experience visiting  the village where their ancestry came from China.


For dinner, we met up with Ben’s cousin sister and family again. They brought us to another hawker center.


A BBQ stall with seafood and vegetables.


We had grilled fish again.


Chicken satay.


“Mi Suah”, a Taiwanese style vermicelli noodle in thick broth.


Asam Laksa which has a sour soup base with fish.

This brings an end to our journey to Penang. It was a fruitful trip to be able to reconnect to many family members and enjoy great street food in Penang.

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