Chowtimes Eighth Anniversary

I can’t believe we have been at blogging for eight years already. Today is chowtimes’ eighth anniversary. So I thought I make a customary birthday post today.


When we started writing, our boys were barely into their teens and we spent countless meals eating out with them. Today they are young adults on their own, and sadly, they are going out eating more and more with their friends.Times had changed too. Ben had been spending a lot of time working from Beijing but he’s just back for good. He stopped writing more than two years ago, his last post being in September 2011. I hope he gets back to writing again.

Yes, things had changed a lot. We have eaten out lesser these days and have also been less adventurous scouring for restaurants. Many of our life priorities are different today but chowtimes is one that stayed constant. I hope this continue to stay constant!

Thank you everyone for checking in to chowtimes and for your support over the years!

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  1. Joseph

    Happy 8th Anniversary Ben and Suanne. Thank you for continuing to maintain this blog for this long. I think it’s one of the oldest food blogs if not the oldest in the Vancouver area. Hope to see it continue for many more years.

  2. etranger

    Big changes everywhere. Good job keeping up the blog for so long! It is still interesting, and I’ve enjoyed reading.

    I’m sure it will be nice for the whole family not to be separated anymore!

  3. Doug

    Congrats. I’ve been following you for about almost all of those 8 years. I particularly enjoy your excursions to China and live vicariously through your food adventures.
    Here is to 8 years and many many more.

    God bless.

  4. Chi Mei Smith

    Many congratulations to your 8th anniversary. I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your posts. I particularly enjoy trying out the recipes. Actually I cooked the Creamy Kale Soup which you posted a while ago, and it turned out very good, similar to the one I usually order in Olive Garden.

    Hope you will continue to write, Ben and Suzanne, and many thanks.

  5. LotusRapper

    Congrats (again), Suanne & Ben for your 8th year behind Chowtimes. I’ve been with you for most of these 8 years and feel like part of the family. BTW it was great seeing you two over lunch before Christmas. Hope you all had a very nice Christmas holiday season, and all the best in 2014 !


  6. Srebrina

    Happy anniversary! I have been following your blog for many years now I can’t even remember. I am from Bulgaria originally but live on the US East Coast now and the only Asian cuisine I have any relationship with other than eating sushi sometimes is reading your blog! For some reason reading your posts always makes me relax and dream of unknown dishes I’ll probably never try 🙂 But I really want to start eating more of all the awesome things you post about. American cuisine is boring as all hell on it’s own.:) I think I should visit a noodle restaurant soon so I can finally try some of the delicious things you guys write about!

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