Redbud Restaurant on Granville Ave, Richmond

Nanzaro missed to go out for lunch with us because he wanted to catch a hockey game at home. So, he insisted on going out for dinner even Ben and I did not feel like having dinner as we were still full from our lunch.


We brought Nanzaro to Redbud Restaurant on Granville since he told us that he wanted fried rice.


Redbud Restaurant is a Hong Kong style restaurant. It was pretty quiet with just a few tables occupied on a Saturday night. Perhaps, it was due to the rainy weather where people prefer to stay at home.


There were quite a few fried rice options on the menu. Nanzaro had a hard time deciding what to get. Finally, he settled with the spicy XO sauce beef fried rice. He enjoyed it because it had a slight kick to it from the spicy XO sauce.

This fried rice was $12.99 (slightly pricey) but with a good size. Continue reading