Excelsior Restaurant, Brighouse Square, Richmond

Ben and I went out for an early dinner so that I can watch the Golden Globe Awards broadcast. Our boys wanted McDonalds take-out instead of going out for dinner with us.010

It was a cold rainy evening and we just wanted something with soup. We stopped at the Brighouse Square to check out the restaurants there. We had a choice of having beef noodle at Shanghai House Restaurant or noodle combos of our choice at Excelsior Restaurant. We settled at Excelsior Restaurant.


I ordered the noodle combos for $8.95. My choice of soup base was Gingko and pepper soup which turned out very peppery. We enjoyed the heat of the pepper especially in a cold rainy day.

My choice of two toppings were pork balls and fish fillet. Other ingredients included in the combos were fresh bean curd, button mushrooms and suey choy.


My choice of noodle was egg noodle which turned out to be the noodle used for wonton noodle (“sung mien” in Cantonese). Continue reading