Bubble Egg Waffle on Westminter Hwy

Ben took a lunch break from work with a walk in the Garden City Park.


After the walk in the park, we continued our walk to Westminster Hwy to buy lunch for Arkensen on his day off from class. He wanted sushi from Banzai.


Since we were already in area, we decided to have lunch at the Bubble Egg Waffle which we have not been to before.


Bubble Egg Waffle is a Taiwanese restaurant.


There are posters all over the wall; mostly of snack items.


We ordered two items to share; first was the noodle combo for $7.75. Ben picked original fish soup with pork skin and sliced beef. He said when in doubt; always pick the item listed on the top.


As for the noodle, I selected ramen. Besides the toppings that we picked, there were suey choy and lots of cilantro in the noodle combo. The original fish soup was mild tasting while the pork skin were a bit too strong in flavour.


The combo came with a hot coffee or tea. We had one each.


Our second combo was Teppanyaki Combo with rice. Ben opted for the red sausage which was on the picture and I selected lamb brisket for the second topping. We opted for teriyaki sauce. The dish came sizzling on a hot plate. The vegetables accompanying the dish include broccoli, cabbage and corn nibblet. Ben was satisfied with the dish.


With $15 or more orders, we were entitled a free blanched Chinese vegetable or original taste bubble waffle. We opted for the bubble waffle as dessert. It was crispy on the outside and soft and mildly sweet inside.


You can click on the combo sheets below to have a larger view.


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