Weekend Musings: 筷子 “Chopsticks”– Blissful taste of Chinese culture

Here’s a video about “Chopsticks” which was shared by a friend on my facebook a/c which I love to share with chowtimes readers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soBtqb15s0A]

The copyright of this video remains with the original producer or production team at CCTV.

We are two overseas Chinese who appreciate and admire the cultural value of this video and thus have added the English subtitles to this video in the name of promoting the intended meaning of this original video to the wider audience especially for those of English language speakers.

English Subtitles by
Douglas Choong (NZ) 锺伟鹏
Dr. C.K. Tan (TW) 陳志金

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