Dim Sum at Parklane Chinese Restaurant on Westminster Hwy

I met up with Lorna for dim sum at Parklane Chinese Restaurant on Westminster Hwy.


Parklane is located in the London Plaza where Empire Seafood Restaurant is located too.


We had a nice window seat with a view of Richmond Center.


I ordered Chrysanthemum tea but what we got was Iron Goddess which gets bitter the longer it steeps.

Paarklane Dim Sum menu

Parklane Chinese Restaurant has some Chiu Chow dim sum and dishes besides the regular Hong Kong style dim sum and dishes. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We ordered one of the Chiu Chow dim sum; Steamed Pork and Radish Dumpling with Peanut. The radish and peanut adds some crunchiness while the skin is chewy. This is $4.45.


We also ordered another Chiu Chow marinated item from the kitchen wonders. The above is Marinated Egg and Tofu Slices. The tofu is silky smooth and the marinated egg is fabulous with the semi liquid yolk. This dish is served with a garlic vinegarish dip. This is $6.80.


The above is another Chiu Chow dim sum; Steamed Fish and Seaweed Roll. This is $4.75. Something different from regular Hong Kong style dim sum.


The above giant Sesame Ball is not on the menu. We ordered it because we saw neighbouring customers had them. The captain told us that the kitchen will make this item when there is a few orders. This is $4.95.


The giant Sesame Ball is crunchy on the outside and chewy inside. This is not filled with anything. We love it. We each had one and one for take away. You can see that it occupies a whole small takeout styrofoam box.


The last item we ordered was Pan Fried Rice Noodle with Fish and Bitter Gourd. We actually asked if we can change the rice noodle to fish noodle which seems to be another specialty noodle here. But the captain told us that the fish noodle is not suitable for this version of dish. So, we stuck to the rice noodle. This was very good. However, we could not detect the bitter gourd but found that the sour mustard in it makes it very appetizing. This is $12.80.


After the meal, another server told us that we can try the lunch special G and ask to change to fish noodle next time.


Parklane Chinese Restaurant accepts credit card.


If you are looking for their name card, it’s in the hand of the above pretty statue by the door.

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