Price Rolled Back for Kedah House

How often do you hear of price rolled back for restaurant?


When Ben drove past Kedah House Restaurant on the way to Crystal Mall a couple weeks ago, I noticed Kedah House buffet sign board displaying the old price of $9.99. The buffet price was increased to $12.40 for a while; at least since our visit in last August till January this year.  We decided to go for our comfort food on Good Friday since the price has gone back down.


Gado-gado; a salad of cucumber, jicama, bean sprout, fried tofu, fried potato chips and hard boiled egg with peanut sauce.


Nasi Minyak with Beef Rendang and a chicken dish.


A mildly spicy and sour vegetable broth.


Arkensen only eats Beef Rendang with rice every time he eats here.


There is also a fried noodle dish; this time it’s fried vermicelli.


Today’s dessert is a Pandan Kuih.


Malaysian coffee is a must for me and Ben. Nanzaro also likes it.

Kedah House Restaurant accepts cash only.

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  1. Wai Bing

    I miss Kedah House so much. Last time we were there was about 3 years ago! Definitely must go back again especially with the price drop!

  2. LotusRapper

    I was there this past December when the price was just over $12. I didn’t mind it, really, it’s still a fantastic deal regardless. But I’m glad to see it’s gone down to $9.99 and I hope their business will pick up and benefit from the price adjustment.

    Too bad there’s a 90-min time limit. I hope it’s not strictly enforced especially if the restaurant isn’t packed full.

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