Lunch at Szechuan Delicious Restaurant

On a Saturday afternoon, Ben brought the family to Szechuan Delicious Restaurant on No. 3 Road for lunch. He used the excuse that the lunch was for mum to shut out Arkensen’s protest.


First, an appetizer of Saliva Chicken. The serving looked big for $7.95.


Actually, the bottom of the bowl was filled with bean sprout which I do not mind. Ben loves the sauce so much that he asked to pack the leftover home. Any one has a recipe of this sauce to share?


From the chef recommendation list, Slice Lamb with Cumin. I do not quite like this version which is dry and has a powdery texture and the accompaniment of lots of onions, sweet peppers and celery. I would prefer it to be cooked with green onions. This is $12.95.


Also from the chef recommendation list, double cooked pork belly. Again, this has tofu and lots of onions and green peppers. This dish is $10.95.


The last item is Ma-Po Tofu. This was alright with the right moistness; not too wet or dry. This is $8.95.


Szechuan Delicious Restaurant accepts cash only.

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5 thoughts on “Lunch at Szechuan Delicious Restaurant

  1. I just had to google “saliva chicken”. No, the chef does not spit in the dish – what a relief LOL ! Funny that they use this English translation as I’m sure that it’s raised more than a few eyebrows.

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