Lunch Special from Meishan Restaurant at Crystal Mall

Ben brought me to one of his recent favourite lunch place at Crystal Mall for lunch on a Saturday. We went alone because the boys slept in on weekend.


Meishan is not busy even on week day. Perhaps there are lots of cheaper alternative at the food court.


We were there quite early, about 11:00AM and we were their first customers of the day.


We ordered from their lunch special which is $7.95. The above is Stir-fried Sliced Pork with Tofu and Cabbage. There is a side of spicy vinegarish cold bean sprout.  The amount of rice was humongous; at least 2 regular bowls of rice.


The dish was slightly spicy with the presence of Sichuan pepper corn.


The second lunch special we ordered is Preserved Pork with Garlic Sprouts. The Preserved Pork is really smoky. I love it.


The lunch special came with a bowl of seaweed egg drop soup.

The meal came to $16.70 before tips. Meishan Restaurant accepts cash only.

Meishan Restaurant Menu (1)Meishan Restaurant Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Meishan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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