Macau Cafe at Parker Place, Richmond

Ben wanted a savoury breakfast on a Saturday morning. So, we went to Parker Place as there are not many places are opened around 8:00AM.


Parker Place foodcourt was almost full even at this early hour. Only three stalls were opened; Macau Cafe, a HongKong style cafe and a Vietnamese stall.


We decided to go for Macau Cafe because Ben wanted fried vermicelli. The above is Macau style fried vermicelli which has prawns, BBQ pork, green and red sweet pepper, carrot, green onion, onion. This is just what Ben wanted. The combo with a drink is $7.50.


I opted for milk tea.


Of course, we must have some roasted pork when we are at Parker Place. The store was not opened yet but they allowed me in to buy our favourite roasted pork to go with our breakfast.

Macau Cafe Menu (1)Macau Cafe Menu (2)

You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.

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  1. John

    How much (quantity) BBQ pork did you get? Was it really that small portion? Or this is just part of it?

    1. Suanne

      We bought 1/2 lb for the breakfast (another pound to take home in a separate container) but Ben already ate some while I wait for our order from Macau Cafe.

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