Father’s Day Lunch in between World Cup Soccer Matches

Weekend eating out in June 2014 is limited to the time in between soccer matches. How crazy is your household about the FIFA 2014 World Cup?


So, for the Father’s Day lunch, Ben decided to go the nearby Specialty Chicken & Wonton House for a quick meal. Since we were there early, there was no wait and we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. The parking lot at this area is notorious especially in the weekend.

Ben took charge of the order since it’s Father’s day. The first dish was his favourite pea tips with fresh bean curd. which came in a broth. It is always pricey to have pea tips and this one was $18.80.


Our meal came with a free soup of the day which was not necessary because Ben ordered a soup too. The soup of the day is a vegetable soup made with fresh and preserved bok choy.


The second dish that Ben ordered was Honey Garlic Ribs. It was fried crispy and it came piping hot. The only person who did not have this was Arkensen. He shied off food with lots of bones. This is $13.80.


Ben knew of the picky eater in the family and he ordered a Chicken Fried Rice for him. It’s from the lunch special and it came with a drink. This is $8.25.


The soup which Ben ordered was the Chicken Herbal Hotpot with half a free range chicken. This is $16.80. This was served already prepared, unlike some other restaurant, this is served on the table with a burner and the raw chicken will be served on the side for the customer to cook themselves. We preferred this hassle free style.


A bowl of sweetish soy sauce for dipping of the chicken. This is a great dish for the colder weather.


Ben ordered a Glutinous Rice Dumpling for the appetizer but it came in the middle of the meal; perhaps due to the steaming time required.  This had pork, Chinese sausage and mung bean. It is very filing if one had the whole dumpling but since we were sharing, it’s just the right size. The dumpling is $4.50.


Specialty Chicken & Wonton House accepts credit cards.

Specialty Chicken Menu (1)Specialty Chicken Menu (3)

Specialty Chicken Menu (2)Specialty Chicken Menu (4)

Specialty Chicken has a big menu. You can click on the take out menu above to have a larger view.

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