Dairy Queen in Centralia

After dinner at Thai Dish Restaurant, we decided to go for dessert. Since we were on vacation, we allow ourselves to have some treats.


Ben and I shared a chocolate covered waffle bowl with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. The peanut butter adds saltiness to it and it was really good. This is $3.99.


Nanzaro had French Silk Pie Blizzard with chunks of chocolate in it. A medium size is $3.59.

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Thai Dish Restaurant in Centralia

We left Seattle Center about 3:00PM. We were heading to Centralia for the night and we estimated that it will take us slightly over 1 hour as Centralia is about 80 miles from Seattle Center. We were very wrong because the traffic snarled on I-5 and it took us more than 3 hours to reach our destination.

After checked into the hotel and washed up, it was already 7PM. We decided to just check out the neighbourhood by foot to look for a place for dinner. Enough driving for Ben for the day.


We gave Nanzaro a choice between Chinese food and Thai food. He opted for Thai food. So, we had dinner at Thai Dish Restaurant.


There were several tables occupied at the time we arrived. We were let to another side of the room where there was a long table of a party of 10 or more customers.


We ordered a Tom Yum Koong to start with. The spicy and sour soup with shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and pineapple whet up our appetite. However, after the soup was served, it took a long while before the rest of our dishes to arrive. We finished the soup which already gotten cold before the rest of the food arrived.


The above is Muek Koong Prig which is squid, shrimp, peppers, onions, mushrooms and basil stir-fry. When the server asked us how spicy we like our dish, we initially asked for very spicy. The server warned us that they use habanero chili and it’s going to be very spicy. So, we switched to medium spicy. It turned out that medium spicy is not spicy enough for us. I do like the basil flavour in this dish.
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Bite of Seattle 2014

We stopped by Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle Food Festival for lunch.


It was the first day of the festival which runs for 3 days. Parking was $15 at the Seattle Center.


Food sample from a stall promoting Asian sauces.


We bought 2 sliders for $7 from Morning Star Barbeque & Deli. We opted for Beef Brisket with Espresso BBQ and Pulled Pork with Secret #11 sauce which supposed to be very spicy. These were pretty good but really small bites.


Nanzaro went for Philly Cheese Steak for $8. The caramelized onions add sweetness to the sandwich. At least this is a full size sandwich. Continue reading

McDonalds USA versus Canada

We did a short road trip to US last weekend as Ben had taken Friday and Monday off to send and pick up Arkensen from The International Dota 2 Championship tournament in Seattle. He was there to watch his dream team to compete. However, Arkensen managed to get a ride from his friend and since Ben had already applied for his vacation day, we just went for a short road trip with Nanzaro.


We stopped by McDonalds to have a bite as Nanzaro did not have breakfast. He got the 20 pieces McNuggets for $5. He opted for the new habanero ranch dip which is quite spicy and nice.


Ben had an ice coffee for $1.99. There is no summer deal for ice coffee in McDonalds in the US. They do have $1 deal for all sizes of soft drinks and hot coffee all year round, I think.

I also recalled seeing the Big Mac Meal in the US menu is just $5. Over here, unless there is a coupon deal, it’s more than $7.


There is a pick up system in the US McDonalds. Notice the number on the top of the receipt? Your number will be displayed on a monitor when your order is ready.

I also noticed that there is different pricing for the ice coffee in different locations as shown on the receipts above. The slight variance of price is also found here.

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Hakata Japanese Ramen, Richmond Central

We noticed a new Japanese Ramen restaurant in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe is when we were there for dinner recently. I actually suggested to try the ramen place but Arkensen protested as he prefers HongKong style food than ramen.


I suggested to try the ramen restaurant for lunch yesterday since Arkensen was away.


We were there just before noon and we were their first customers of the day.


When comes to ramen, I just want the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen, rich pork broth with char siu. Other ingredients include bamboo shoot and wood ear which give some crunchiness, half a soft yolk egg, corn for sweetness and chopped green onions. The Tonkotsu Ramen was pretty good and I would come back for this. Ramen is generally $8.95. Continue reading

Beijiang Restaurant, Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben missed the food from Beijing. So, we went to Beijiang Restaurant for dinner on a Saturday evening. There were only three of us as Nanzaro hanged out with his friends at the night market.


For appetizer, Ben ordered a hand pull egg plant. This is served cold, appropriate for a hot summer day. This is $4.99.


Ben loves the “Big pan noodle” from Beijing and he ordered a medium size one to share although the server told us that a small one will be enough for three. This dish usually comes with red and green sweet peppers and potatoes. There were also some hot green chili which I accidentally mistaken as the sweet peppers and it was really spicy hot. Continue reading

Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It was a hot Friday. In fact, BC is having a heat wave for another week. Cooking in the kitchen is just going to add more heat in the house. So, Ben decided to go out for a walk. He wanted to check out the new Chinese Supermarket in Richmond, For Real Fresh Foodmart. It is spacious but parking is a nightmare with only one entry/exit point.


After checking out For Real Fresh Foodmart we decided to have dinner at Yaohan foodcourt. After browsing all the stalls, I settled with Lumingchun which serves Xian cuisine.


I had a spicy lamb noodle soup for $7.50. It has clumps of ground lamb, red and green sweet peppers and lots of onions. It was fairly spicy. A deposit of $3 is added to the bill for the deposit of the bowl and refundable upon return of it.


I like the texture of the handmade noodle and their chili which is quite fragrant.


Ben decided to get a two dishes combo from Chung Hing stall for $7. He had braised beef with bean curd sticks and some drumsticks. Instead of rice, he had the combo with fried noodles.

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A walk in Stanley Park and breakfast at Green Lemongrass, Kingsway

On the morning of the Scotia Bank Half Marathon, we had to drop off Nanzaro at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium early in the morning. After that, we decided to drive down to Stanley Park for a morning walk.


It was a beautiful morning and the view of Jack Poole Plaza was stunning.


Postcard like view.


After the walk, Ben drove along Kingsway to look for a place for breakfast. Since it was just over 9:00AM, there is not much choice. We ended up with Green Lemongrass which opens early. There was a table of customers watching one of the FIFA World Cup match. Chinese tea was served.


Ben had a Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup for $9. It has artificial crab meat, shrimp, squid and some sort of Vietnamese ham. It was a quite spicy and appetizing. Continue reading

$68 Lobster Combo Dinner at Tasty Kitchen on Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben wanted “chow choy” for dinner although the boys only wanted sushi or Vietnamese.

After browsing through Urbanspoon.com, he found a new restaurant on Capstan Way called Tasty Kitchen.


We noticed the offer of lobster combo with 2 dishes for $68 posted on Tasty Kitchen and Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine (next door). We asked the boys which restaurant they would like to pick and Nanzaro picked Tasty Kitchen because he saw the free wifi signage on the door.


We went for the lobster combo with the choice of ginger and green onion stir fry.


We added the “yee mien” option for an additional of $8. It was a big serving. We were surprised that Arkensen seemed to enjoy the lobster because he does not like anything with shell and bones. He seemed to master the art of picking the flesh out from the claw and he loves the big chunk of lobster meat. We are glad that he likes it. Continue reading