Alleluia Cafe, Richmond Central

Ben suggested to go to Alleluia Cafe for dinner on a Saturday as we have not been back to this restaurant for a long while.


Ben recommended the Stewed Lamb in Russian Spicy Sauce for me as he knows that I love lamb. This is $8.95.


Some of the lamb pieces were bone in. The sauce is a tomato base sauce with very little hint of spiciness. Not my preference of taste. Perhaps, I should have pick the lamb curry. The lamb were tender though.


The meal came with a drink as a feature of HongKong style cafe. I had hot milk tea while the rest of the family had ice milk tea.


Ben ordered the Assorted Seafood Chowmien for also $8.95. The were quite a bit of seafood like prawns, scallops and squids along with bok choy and shiitake mushroom. I had a few bites and I like the crispy chowmien.


Arkensen ordered the Yangchow Fried Rice as he cannot find the Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice on the menu. This is $7.75. The typical Yangchow Fried Rice has BBQ pork, prawns, eggs and peas. He is fine with any fried rice.


Nanzaro ordered from the western combo with 2 items. He opted for striploin steak and deep fried chicken wing with fries. The sauce he selected was a garlic black pepper sauce. The steak was very thin and at least medium doneness. Apparently, there is an extra 0.50 cents charge for picking fries over rice or spaghetti. His meal was $10.75.


Nanzaro’s meal combo also came with a soup; he opted for Chinese soup over Borscht soup. He gave to soup to me since he knows I love Chinese soup.


Alleluia Cafe accepts cash only.

Alleluia Cafe gets busy during peak hour. So, come early or make a reservation.

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