Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It was a hot Friday. In fact, BC is having a heat wave for another week. Cooking in the kitchen is just going to add more heat in the house. So, Ben decided to go out for a walk. He wanted to check out the new Chinese Supermarket in Richmond, For Real Fresh Foodmart. It is spacious but parking is a nightmare with only one entry/exit point.


After checking out For Real Fresh Foodmart we decided to have dinner at Yaohan foodcourt. After browsing all the stalls, I settled with Lumingchun which serves Xian cuisine.


I had a spicy lamb noodle soup for $7.50. It has clumps of ground lamb, red and green sweet peppers and lots of onions. It was fairly spicy. A deposit of $3 is added to the bill for the deposit of the bowl and refundable upon return of it.


I like the texture of the handmade noodle and their chili which is quite fragrant.


Ben decided to get a two dishes combo from Chung Hing stall for $7. He had braised beef with bean curd sticks and some drumsticks. Instead of rice, he had the combo with fried noodles.

Chun Hing on UrbanspoonLumingchun on Urbanspoon

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