Beijiang Restaurant, Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben missed the food from Beijing. So, we went to Beijiang Restaurant for dinner on a Saturday evening. There were only three of us as Nanzaro hanged out with his friends at the night market.


For appetizer, Ben ordered a hand pull egg plant. This is served cold, appropriate for a hot summer day. This is $4.99.


Ben loves the “Big pan noodle” from Beijing and he ordered a medium size one to share although the server told us that a small one will be enough for three. This dish usually comes with red and green sweet peppers and potatoes. There were also some hot green chili which I accidentally mistaken as the sweet peppers and it was really spicy hot.


In Beijiang, the hand made noodle is served on the side. The server asked us if we wanted to add the noodle to the “big pan chicken” immediately, we said yes. The noodle is to be dipped in the sauce before devouring. Ben commented that the chicken here is very bony and the noodle is too short and thin.

"Big Plate Chicken"

He prefers long and thick noodles as shown in the picture above in Beijing.


We also ordered a cumin lamb for the sake of Arkensen as he loves this dish. This dish is quite pricey at $18.88. It was quite spicy.


Complementary tapioca and sweet potatoes dessert soup after the meal.


Beijiang Restaurant accepts credit card.

Beijiang Takeout Menu (1)Beijiang Takeout Menu (2)Beijiang Takeout Menu (3)Beijiang Takeout Menu (4)

You can click on the takeout menu to have a larger view.

Parking is a problem here as most of the parking spots are reserved.

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