Al-Watan Tandoori, Fraser St.

Ben was craving for Indian food. He wanted to try a new place instead of our favourite Kona Tandoori and Saffron.


He went all the way to Fraser St. to look for one. We found Al-Watan which serves Pakistani cuisine.


Lunch special looks economical.


We were there just about noon and the place was pretty quiet.


I ordered one of the lunch special which came with tandoori chicken and curry chicken. It was a pretty big serving compared with Kona’s lunch special especially the rice portion. (more…)

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Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar, Garden City Road

Lorna invited me for lunch. We decided to go somewhere near her neighbourhood.


We went to Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar on Garden City Road. We had attempted to dine here a while ago but it was closed at that time.


A great idea in promoting the company name in the table setting.


We ordered two items to share. The first item was the Chicken Teriyaki Combo for $12.50. This combo include miso soup, kobachi, udon, agedashi tofu, green salad and two pieces of sushi. Kobachi literally means small bowl of appetizers like banchan in Korean cuisine; in this case it’s the bean sprout with carrot and cucumber.


You can click on the images above to have a larger view. We love the variety of items in the combo as we can sample a lot of food.


Chili powder is served in a cute little bowl.

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The True’s Tea Restaurant, Alexandra Road

On BC day, Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for lunch. Again, Arkensen decided to stay home.


Originally, Ben wanted to go Max Noodle House on Alexandra Road but it was closed. Then we went to check on Shanghai Morning but it was full house and there is already people waiting for tables. So, we continue to look for a place on Alexandra Road and found a new restaurant name on the previous Estea Restaurant.


The place was pretty quiet when we were there. There were only a few tables occupied. This is a big restaurant that can seats 193 at max. There is a small stage for Karaoke or performance if you look closely at the above photo. At the entrance, we noticed there are 2 or 3 small private rooms with square tables (looks like Mahjong table) in them.


Ben ordered a Mushroom/Chicken Omelete Rice. He upgraded the rice from ketchup rice to fried rice for an extra $1. It was quite a big serving. However, the sauce which came with it was starchy instead of creamy. (more…)

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Kingspark Steak House, Westminster Highway

For this lunch, it was Nanzaro who joined us. We went to Kingspark Steak House as Ben has not been here for a long while.


Ben shared with me a Lobster in Butter Cream Sauce. This is $26.95. It came with a whole lobster but not a big one though.


The lobster is served on a generous bed of noodle (yee mien). The generous amount of butter cream was enough to coat the noodle nicely. We enjoyed the dish and both of us felt full.


Our dish came with a drink and soup. (more…)

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Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari

I had an appointment at the Akroyd strip mall at mid noon. Ben wanted lunch, so we went for lunch in the same strip mall for convenience.


We decided to go to Tokyo Joe Ramen Okawari with the consent from Arkensen who happened to join us for lunch. He ordered the Sapporo Ramen which comes with BBQ pork and Miso Soup base.


The noodle was cooked nicely, not too soft. This is $8.95. (more…)

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Hotluck, Burnaby

Ben suggested to have lunch at Hotluck in Burnaby on a Saturday afternoon. Both the boys did not want to join. So, it’s just both of us. I guess that we will have to get use to such setting as our boys have grown up now.


Ben said, Hotluck is usually pretty quiet on week days during lunch hour.


The lunch special here are mostly noodle dishes.


Ben decided to go for the super set for 2 people for $33.95. Ben ordered his favourite dish of Country Style Fried Pork with Fresh Hot Green Pepper. The pork were thinly sliced and fried to a crisp and the generous amount of the hot green pepper makes this dish really fragrant and spicy hot. (more…)

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Jack in the Box

After lunch, we started our long journey home. Ben had to make a pit stop at one of the rest stop as he felt sleepy after a big buffet lunch. He took a short nap before continuing the drive home.

The drive on I-5 was not always smooth. Sometimes the traffic just slow down without apparent reason.


Nanzaro requested for dinner since he is a growing teenager. Ben and I were still full. So, Ben made a detour and stopped at Jack in the Box.


Nanzaro ordered a Sirloin Burger Combo for $7.88.


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Hometown Buffet, Happy Valley, Oregon

On Sunday morning, Nanzaro and I had breakfast at the hotel which comes with free continental breakfast. Nanzaro had a diy waffle while I had toast. Ben skipped his breakfast.

We checked out after breakfast and drove to Oregon to do some shopping.


After shopping, we decided to look for a buffet place for lunch. We found Hometown Buffet via


Hometown Buffet belongs to the same group of buffet as Old Country Buffet.

The spread of the food is similar as Old Country Buffet.



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Dinner at Sharis, Kelso

After settling down in the hotel in Kelso, we walked out to scour the neighbourhood for dinner. We picked Shari’s over Denny’s as we can find Denny’s in Vancouver but not Shari’s.


Ben ordered Grilled Chicken Penne Alfredo. It was rich and creamy. The grilled pita on the side was really crispy.


I had the BBQ ribs which is on limited time offer. I opted for the yam fries with $0.99 extra. My meal came with cornbread and butter and a side of coleslaw. (more…)

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