Hotluck, Burnaby

Ben suggested to have lunch at Hotluck in Burnaby on a Saturday afternoon. Both the boys did not want to join. So, it’s just both of us. I guess that we will have to get use to such setting as our boys have grown up now.


Ben said, Hotluck is usually pretty quiet on week days during lunch hour.


The lunch special here are mostly noodle dishes.


Ben decided to go for the super set for 2 people for $33.95. Ben ordered his favourite dish of Country Style Fried Pork with Fresh Hot Green Pepper. The pork were thinly sliced and fried to a crisp and the generous amount of the hot green pepper makes this dish really fragrant and spicy hot.


I picked the Girddle Cooked Free Range Chicken dish, This was slightly spicy with Sichuan pepper corns. We enjoyed both dishes.


The super set comes with an appetizer of Sichuan style clear noodle (liang fern). It was spicy and sour and serves cold as most Chinese appetizers are.


The super set also comes with 2 bowls of steamed rice.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


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