Important Update – 07-Sep-2014

Hi All:

This is to let you know that this is the new permanent chowtimes website. We have decided to go simple and going forward, we will update new posts here on Please update your bookmarks.

We will be spending the next few months migrating the contents over from and once it is completed, we might decide to shut down that domain.

Thank you,
Ben and Suanne

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  1. sxc

    Getting too costly to renew the domain?

    1. benchowtimes

      It’s not so much of the cost to renew the domain (which we still have 3 more years with it) but all the work needed to maintain a self-hosted blog. As you know, we had suffered a few periods where the blog went down and it took me quite a while before I got down to fixing it. We had to do everything in self-hosting it (yeah despite us paying for it!) … we had to do our own backups, maintain the plugins and updates and the fact that we have over 3000 posts with hundred of thousands of pix does take up a lot of time.

  2. LotusRapper

    All the best with the move ! The new look is great already (and tablet/smartphone-friendly).

  3. Jean will become easier for you. All you probably have to do is buy extra memory for all those photos!

  4. Jean

    I would suggest you disable infinite scroll where all previous blog posts keep unfolding forever… annoys users. Your blog has a lot of blog posts. I don’t see many bloggers enable that feature.

    1. chowtimes

      Hi Jean, thank you for the suggestion. I had disabled the infinite scroll.

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