Himalaya Restaurant on Main Street, Vancouver

Nanzaro wanted Indian buffet for lunch on a Sunday.


So, Ben drove to the Punjabi Market on Main St. Vancouver to look one. We came upon Himalaya Restaurant which looks quite modern and clean cut from the outside.


When we enter the restaurant, we were greeted with a whole buffet of sweets. The sweets are not part of the buffet lunch. The restaurant has quite a big sitting area. In fact, part of the area was closed as there are not a lot of customers.


We had the non-vegetarian buffet which is $13.95 while there is an option for vegetarian buffet for $11.95. Ben piled up his plate with everything.

Of course there is also a la carte.

Himalaya Menu (1)Himalaya Menu (2)

You can click on the menu for a larger view.


I started off with mostly vegetarian dishes on my plate. There were mixed vegetable, cauliflower and potatoes, chick pea curry and peas and paneer with rice.


My second plate was naan and butter chicken with a few spicy chickpeas from the salad bar. The butter chicken is not as creamy as we usually found in other Indian restaurant.


There is only two meat dishes on the buffet. The other meat dish was curry chicken. It was a disappointment as the chicken meat disintegrated in the curry. While I was getting my butter chicken, I saw a server/chef picking up the drumstick bone from the curry chicken. I did not get any of the curry chicken. The above was Ben’s plate.


Ben and Nanzaro did not touch any dessert. Although there are plenty of sweets on sale, the only available on the buffet was the above.

I find that the offerings in Himalaya Restaurant in Richmond is much better than this one on Main St. You can check out my posting on the Richmond branch here.

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