Sala Thai Restaurant on Burrard St, Vancouver

Nanzaro is an adventurous eater. He will like to try new places just like us. He will even take the Canada Line to Vancouver for lunch after his class.


Here is one of his food adventure at Sala Thai on Burrard St.


The above was a soup that comes with all lunch specials. Nanzaro described it as a little sour; and it has cabbage and green onions in it.


His choice of lunch special is Thai Green Curry. He asked for the most spicy version. It is coconut milk cook with green curry,… boneless chicken, bamboo shoot, egg plant, bell peppers and sweet basil leaves. This is $9.99. The green curry is served with steamed rice.


Since he asked for very spicy, he was given two type of chili condiments.


In another day, he ordered the Pad Gra Prao which is Sauteed Minced Chicken with Onions, Bell Peppers, Holy Basil Leaves and Jalapeno. This is also quite spicy. You can have a choice of how spicy you want it too. This is also $9.99.


The complementary soup for this meal also tasted slightly sour but this one has spinach in it.

Nanzaro commented that the meal is good but he would prefer to have coconut milk rice instead of plain steamed rice.

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