Yummy Yummy in Parker Place Foodcourt

Ben and I went for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Ben gave me a choice of McDonalds or Lido. I picked Lido as I would prefer a hot pineapple bun over a cold muffin. I like sweet stuff for breakfast. Ben prefers savoury breakfast.

When we arrived at Lido, we were surprised that the parking lot was so empty. Lido was locked up; the door handle was covered with a basket. I went down to look at all the notices on the door and found out that Lido is closed from Oct 14th to 31st for renovation.


So, I suggested to go to Parker Place food court which is just nearby. A few of the stalls were opened at this early hour. We settled with Yummy Yummy for our breakfast.


All the breakfast selection comes with a drink. Both of us opted for hot milk tea. All the above for $8.50.


Ben ordered doll noodle with fried egg and ham. It is his comfort savoury breakfast.


At first I wanted to order French Toast. But then I saw Shrimp Toast on the menu. So, I ordered the shrimp toast for $4.75. It is fried to crispy on the outside.

But, I was disappointed when I dig into it. It is actually ham toast instead of shrimp toast. There is a slice of ham on the toast and I did not taste much of shrimp flavour.


There is a side salad which came with the toast.

The food court was quite busy even early in the morning. The table next to us were a group of seniors and they talked about everything from political scene in Hong Kong, Russia, etc to soccer.

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