Set Lunch at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

What better than hot pot in a cold winter day, with arctic chill?


Ben and I went to Little Sheep Hot Pot for lunch yesterday. We were there early, around 11:30AM and the place was not busy yet.


It felt a bit strange when water is served instead of Chinese tea.


We did not care much about the water because the lunch set which we ordered came with a cold plum drink.


The above was the deluxe set for $14.99. It has meat, fish slices and prawns. (more…)

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Hoang Yen Vietnamese & Canadian Cuisine on Victoria Drive, Vancouver

It’s the last 2 weeks of the year. The boys are on semester break and Ben is on leave. We have more time to explore further out for food.


Ben remembered seeing a Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Dr which often has a line outside the restaurant. We went there on a Saturday early evening and was fortunate to have a table without wait.


Ben and I ordered from the special rice noodle menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Ben helped me to pick the Special Crab Soup with Vermicelli. The small bowl is $7.75. It has prawn, blood cake, tofu puff, pork hock slice, Vietnamese ham and tomatoes. The soup is flavourful.


Ben ordered the Seafood Hot & Sour Rice Noodle in Soup. The seafood include prawns, squid, fish slices and fish/squid balls. The sourness in the broth makes it quite appetizing. (more…)

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Yue Delicacy Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Marian, Lorna and I met up before Christmas. We went to the new dim sum restaurant on Alexandra Road, Yue Delicacy Restaurant.


Yue opens at 10:30am. We were there just before 11:00am and the parking lot was pretty empty.


The restaurant looks nice but the seating seems  a bit tide especially with many big round tables.


We had Jasmine tea for its more subtle flavour. A pot of hot water is also served along the tea pot.

Yue Delicacy Menu (1)Yue Delicacy Menu (2)

A glance at the menu reviews a slightly higher price menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We ordered several dim sum items and a noodle to share. Surprisingly, the first item to arrive was the noodle. We had the stir-fry steamed rice noodle with XO sauce for $9.95. There were plenty of chive and bean sprouts in it with just a hint of spiciness. (more…)

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Fish 2 Ways at Golden Sea City Restaurant, Grandville Avenue, Richmond

Ben wanted something light for brunch on a Saturday. At first he wanted to go to Wing Kee Restaurant but we found out that it’s only open for dinner.


So, we drove around the corner and parked at the strip mall where Golden Sea City Restaurant and Redbud Restaurant is. Ben was interested at the Fish 2 Ways advertised by Golden Sea City Restaurant and we decided to check if this is served at 11:00AM. Apparently they do.


Tea is $2.

There were Mahjong games going on in the restaurant in some private partition area. So, occasionally, we’ll hear the sound of shuffling mahjong.


The first dish for the Fish 2 Ways is stir fry fillet with vegetables like celery, sweet peas, mushroom and chives. The texture of the fish is quite firm. (more…)

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Bellingham, WA

We finished our cross border shopping in the late afternoon. We were contemplating whether to go back to Richmond for dinner or have a late lunch in Bellingham.


At the end, Nanzaro suggested to have lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Belingham.


This location was quite busy even though it’s way past lunch hour.


A distinctive feature of Five Guys is that it displays it’s ingredients like peanut oil and potatoes in the seating area. (more…)

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Denny’s in Bellingham, WA

On on of our cross border shopping trip, we had breakfast at Denny’s in Bellingham. We were there early to beat the long border line up.


There were not many restaurants open at this early hour, around 6:30AM.


Coffee for all, including Nanzaro. I think we had too much coffee for the day as we already had coffee at home. All of us felt light headed afterwards during our shopping trip.


Nanzaro ordered the Breakfast Sausage Skillet for USD8.29. It came with 2 eggs which Nanzaro opted for sunny side up. Besides the sausage, there were hash potatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms lining the bottom of the skillet. (more…)

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Ali Shan Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

After having coffee at Tim Hortons, Ben brought me to one of his favourite lunch place at work, Ali Shan Restaurant.


Ali Shan is busy at lunch time on a week day.


Ali Shan serves Taiwanese cuisine.


I ordered a Crispy Chicken Leg combo for $7.50. It came with rice with fried egg and some side dishes like cabbages, tofu and bamboo shoot. A very reasonable price for such a combo. (more…)

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