Denny’s in Bellingham, WA

On on of our cross border shopping trip, we had breakfast at Denny’s in Bellingham. We were there early to beat the long border line up.


There were not many restaurants open at this early hour, around 6:30AM.


Coffee for all, including Nanzaro. I think we had too much coffee for the day as we already had coffee at home. All of us felt light headed afterwards during our shopping trip.


Nanzaro ordered the Breakfast Sausage Skillet for USD8.29. It came with 2 eggs which Nanzaro opted for sunny side up. Besides the sausage, there were hash potatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms lining the bottom of the skillet.


Ben ordered the Meat Lover Omelet for USD10.49.


Underneath the omelet were chunks of sausages and beef steaks.


I just tax from both Ben and Nanzaro’s plate. I do not want to order another item and end up with too much food. I had the toast which came with Ben’s order. I picked the 5 grains toast for more fiber version and Ben said “yuck”. He does not like multi-grain bread.


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