Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Bellingham, WA

We finished our cross border shopping in the late afternoon. We were contemplating whether to go back to Richmond for dinner or have a late lunch in Bellingham.


At the end, Nanzaro suggested to have lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Belingham.


This location was quite busy even though it’s way past lunch hour.


A distinctive feature of Five Guys is that it displays it’s ingredients like peanut oil and potatoes in the seating area.


While Ben and Nanzaro lining up to order, I sat down at a table and help myself with the all you can eat peanuts.


Ben ordered a burger with bacon and all the fixings. It was a tall burger. I’m supposed to share with him but he ended up having the whole burger himself. The reason is I just can’t bite into it without squeezing the burger. Ben hates it when I squeezed the burger.


Nanzaro’s burger also has bacon but only selected fixings like lettuce, onion and jalapeno. The burgers were $6.99 each.


Ben also ordered a large Cajun fries for $4.69.


There were a lot more fries in the paper bag other than those in the cup. I just had fries and peanuts for my lunch.


It was a very satisfying meal for the guys.

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  1. holly

    Sorry, I hate to say that your new format is not my favourite. The bright blue background is hard on the eyes and the new text and layout is very disconcerting. Maybe I’m too old school as I’m not really into social media and this looks like a social media layout.

    My favourite section, the blogroll is difficult to find and read. I guess I’ll no longer be coming here as often. So sad, because I really enjoyed your blog because you’re local and I work in Richmond.

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