Fish 2 Ways at Golden Sea City Restaurant, Grandville Avenue, Richmond

Ben wanted something light for brunch on a Saturday. At first he wanted to go to Wing Kee Restaurant but we found out that it’s only open for dinner.


So, we drove around the corner and parked at the strip mall where Golden Sea City Restaurant and Redbud Restaurant is. Ben was interested at the Fish 2 Ways advertised by Golden Sea City Restaurant and we decided to check if this is served at 11:00AM. Apparently they do.


Tea is $2.

There were Mahjong games going on in the restaurant in some private partition area. So, occasionally, we’ll hear the sound of shuffling mahjong.


The first dish for the Fish 2 Ways is stir fry fillet with vegetables like celery, sweet peas, mushroom and chives. The texture of the fish is quite firm. Continue reading