Star Anise Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

On Boxing Day, Nanzaro hanged out with us for shopping in Metrotown. Ben suggested to go for dim sum again and he agreed.


We went to Star Anise Restaurant, the former location of Samosa Garden.


The restaurant is nicely decorated and seating is not tide.


The first thing after seated down is to order tea. I ordered Chrysanthemum tea this time.


The order chit is fancy, with colour photo of the dish. We like it.


My pick was BBQ Pork Pastries which is a medium size dim sum. The pastries is super flaky and buttery with a sweetish BBQ pork filing.


You can see the pricing of the dim sum from the above photo.


Nanzaro wanted Shrimp Dumpling. The dumplings were of average size and were QQ.


Ben ordered a Pork Congee with Century Egg for $6.98.


The congee is thick and creamy and there was ample pork in it.


Ben also ordered Rice Roll with Shrimp and Chives which is $5.98. I find it a bit pricey for the size of the dish.


The rice roll is served with soy sauce.


Lastly, Nanzaro wanted Stir fry Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage. This is a large serving for $8.98. We had half of the sticky to go as we cannot finish it.


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Star Anise Menu (1)Star Anise Menu (2)Star Anise Menu (3)

You can click on their take out menu above for dishes available for lunch and dinner.

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