The Soup House revisit

Ben had been craving for some good hotpot rice lately. But his plan is always disrupted by our boys who wanted something else.


Finally, Ben had decided to stick to his plan on a Saturday evening. We returned to The Soup House as we remembered the hotpot rice was good here.

Complementary soup of the day and seaweed which comes with the hotpot rice. Nanzaro likes the crunchy seaweed and he had all of them.


Ben also ordered a Pork Stomach Soup which he loves. This has plenty of pork stomach. But I find the soup on the sweet side.


We ordered two hotpot rice to share. The first is Salted Fish Minced Pork. It came with seasonal vegetables which happens to be bok choy.


We have to move the vegetables to another plate before we can mixed the rice up with some sweet soy sauce. The minced pork was tender and plenty.


The second hotpot rice we ordered was Pork Belly with “Char Shue Gu” (a kind of mushroom). Wow, the pork belly was really fatty. It came in big chunks, unlike what we saw from the menu which is less chunky. We were not too fond of this.

Moreover, Ben commented that the rice was not as dry this time. He does not like soggy rice.


I also ordered a side of roast duck as I remembered the roast duck was good in our previous visit. It was not bad but there were quite some boney parts on the plate.

The bill came to $42 including tax and tips. This restaurant accepts cash only.

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