Double Double Restaurant Revisit

Ben has not been to Double Double Restaurant as the restaurant is always busy. We were out on a weekend for early lunch and he decided to give it a try. We only waited a few minutes for a table.


Chinese Donut is a must try here. They are freshly deep fried with all the crunchy goodness.


The above is listed as Sweet Donut/Pancake on the menu if I remember correctly. I only find this type of savoury pancake (“Hum Jim Baeng” in Cantonese) in this restaurant.


The fillings is made with fermented bean curd, a unique flavour.


Arkensen wanted the “Jar Leong” in Cantonese, i.e. Chinese Donut wrapped in Rice Roll. The serving is big here.


Hoisin sauce and Sesame sauce for dipping the Chinese Donut Wrapped in Rice Roll but we find it not necessary as we just drizzle soy sauce on them to enjoy.


Ben ordered some dishes to go with steamed rice. He ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork because there is a “Soooo Good” remark next to the dish on the menu. The version here has lichee besides pineapples, sweet peppers and onions. Arkensen commented that it is too saucy.


Ben also ordered the Stir Fried Long Beans which the boys like. The beans are still crunchy and the best parts are the tidbits in it.


The last dish was Fried Oyster Pancake. The version here is really thin and more to an omelette, unlike the Taiwanese style which is doused with sauce.


Ben likes the food here.

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