Bubble Cafe Waffle and Bubble World on Kingsway

On a lovely Saturday morning, Ben and I wanted to go for a walk in Central Park. Before the walk, we decided to grab a light breakfast in Crystal Mall food court.


We decided to share a bowl of noodle from Bubble Waffle Cafe. There were not many stalls that open that early.


We had a Spicy Minced Pork Mixed Noodle. It was on the salty side but we like the numbing spiciness of it.


I also ordered a plain bubble waffle to snack on. It was crispy on the outside and lightly chewy inside. The bill came to $8.50.

Bubble Waffle Cafe Menu-001

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Central Park (3)

I like walking in Central Park because there is a lot of shades.

Central Park (1)

Water adds serenity to the park.

Central Park (2)

We love the abundance of daisies in the park.


After the walk, we stopped by Bubble World to grab a drink to quench our thirst. We had Honey Milk Tea for $3.10. The location was busy as customers come and go all the time while we were there.

I told Ben that drinking bubble tea is fattening. He replied me by saying that the customers that we saw patronizing the bubble tea shop so far do not have weight issue at all. What’s your thought?

Bubble World Tea House Menu (1)-001Bubble World Tea House Menu (2)-001

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. shadin

    hi askng if have restaurants for filipino here in turkey

  2. ThePepero

    Those spicy noodles look delicious!! And I must try those bubble waffles next time I go to Crystal Mall! I have somehow managed to not walk to that end of the food court LOL

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