Pho 37 in Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

I noticed that there is a new Vietnamese restaurant in Ironwood Plaza while I drove by after having lunch in Pho Ten with Nanzaro.


This new Pho 37 has taken over the location of Red Pagoda which was also a Vietnamese Restaurant. When we asked the server about the name of the restaurant, we were told that 37 is a lucky number for the owner according to a fortune teller.


There is minimal changes to the restaurant from Red Pagoda, the previous tenant.


Even the condiments look the same as the previous tenant. I guess the new owner just took over everything from the previous owner.


I ordered a Chicken Banh Mi. There were plenty of pickled daikon and carrot but not so much of the grilled chicken. The baguette was not as crispy as we would love it to be.


Ben ordered the Pho Tuan which was posted on the wall as chef’s recommendation. It is pho with a twist. It has more pronounced flavour of ginger and garlic in it. The other non-regular ingredient is the raw egg. 


The egg makes the broth more chalky after mixing it in.


Nanzaro ordered his favourite Bun Bo Hue. The good thing is it does not come with blood cake which we do not eat.


Arkensen has the Pho Dac Biet (house special) as usual.


The bean sprouts and basil were very fresh.


Look at how long was the bean sprout.


Pho 37 accepts credit card.


The above catches our eyes. We will certainly return for it’s proximity to our home and ample parking.

Pho 37 Menu (1)Pho 37 Menu (2)

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