Shine Valley Lamb Soup at Yaohan Food Court, Richmond

Nanzaro and I went to Yaohan Food Court for lunch on a Sunday late morning. We went there early because parking is difficult in this parking lot.


Look what I found, a new stall specializing in lamb soup, :-).


I ordered a small Lamb Noodle Soup to try. I can detect the lamb flavour in the broth but not very strong.


The chili was quite fragrant and I just spiced up the noodles with it.


I also bought a lamb pancake to try. This is $3.50 while the plain one is $2.


It was quite flaky outside but there is not a lot of filings.


You can click on the above photos to have a larger view. I will be back to try other items on the menu.


Nanzaro went to Want Want Hot & Spicy House for a very spicy noodles soup. He likes to pick his own ingredients.

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