Toronto Day 3: Yonge St.

Since we had a hefty lunch in Greektown, we decided to skip dinner. We had a good rest before we ventured out to explore the neighbourhood.


We walked along Yonge St., which is known as the longest street in the world. Apparently, it’s a misconception according to wikipedia. Yong St. is actually 56 km long and not 1,896 km long (which included the length of Ontario Highway 11).

We stopped by Panera Bread to have a snack of Chocolate Croissant and Hot Chocolate.


Dundas Square is a small public square along Yonge St. It is surrounded by major landmarks like Toronto Eaton Cenre, Citytv building, Ed Mirvish Theatre, Atrium on Bay, etc. The square is illuminated with LED and LCD screens of advertisements.


We had an unexpected surprise encounter on Yonge St when we were there. The street was closed for filming. Can you see the license plate of the above car? Several of these cars were parked in the middle of the closed Yonge St.


After waiting for a long while at the side walk with many other spectators, we saw some cars racing down the street. We had a glimpse of joker’s mobile from Suicide Squad.


Along the street, there were several locations where dry ice is used to generate the misty effect.

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