Toronto Day 4: Best Japanese Cheesecake in Toronto

After dinner, Ben tempted me to go for the best Japanese cheesecake for dessert because it’s just nearby. How can I resist cheesecake?


Well, when we arrived at the shop, there was a line outside the shop already. Our wait was going to be about 45 minutes and it’s considered a short wait. Apparently, there is always a line here. Only 12 customers are allowed into the shop at any one time.


There is also limit to how much one can buy.


So, we waited patiently and finally, it’s our turn to get into the shop. It was really hot in here. There are only 3 ovens and each oven can accommodate 12 cheesecakes. That’s the reason why only 12 customers are allowed into the shop at a time as they limit 1 cheesecake per customer.


Hm, the “chef” actually sticked his hand into the batter to fold it.


Here comes the cheesecake out from the oven.


Stamping the Uncle Tetsu logo on the cheesecake.


We had the cheesecake back in the hotel. It was light and you won’t feel guilty eating them.


You can see the preparation of the honey cake by the window.


The honey cake is mildly sweet with a denser texture.


Uncle Tetsu opens early at 7AM.

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