Toronto: Dinner at Airport Gate Cafe & Grill

After we settled down at the hotel, we walked out to look for food in the vicinity area.


We ended up at Airport Gate Cage & Grill.


It was late and the restaurant was pretty quiet.


We shared a chicken souvlaki which came in a big serving. The salad was very fresh even though it’s end of the day. The chicken was tender.


We also shared a slice of Milky Way cake for dessert. Ben who is not a fan of sweet treat commented that this was good.

As we were eating, a server had started cleaning another section of the restaurant. I’m impressed that she actually moved all the tables and chairs to clean the floor properly.

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  1. Arthur

    Hi Ben & Suanne,

    When I was living in Vancouver, having moved there from Toronto for work and studies, your blog was the one resource that helped me to get a handle on the city, as far as food was concerned. So it’s been good to read these posts about Toronto, my hometown, and to get a chowtimes perspective on more familiar places.

    Thanks for years of great content and all best wishes to your family. Hope you send at least one of the boys for school here – it’s a good city, no matter what most Vancouverites will tell you~ ;o))

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