Dim Sum Lunch at Ningbo Seafood Restaurant

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up to celebrate Marian’s belated birthday. We had lunch at Ningbo Seafood Restaurant. We made the appointment at 1PM. I picked up Lorna early, just past 12PM because I know parking here is difficult and I managed to find a parking on the 2nd floor parking in less than 10 minutes.


Emily and Marian who came on time took 30 minutes to find their parking spots on this weekday lunch.


Always enjoy menu with photos.


We decided to go for the specials of the day except for the pork feet soup.


We had a Celery & Fish Tick Soup instead.


The Steam Soup Buns were not as juicy as expected.


Beef Roll tasted sweetish with hoison sauce.


The Chinese doughnut was good, light and not oily.


Salt and pepper deep fried mushroom was good. The mushroom has a chewy texture while the outside was crispy.


Eggplant and “nian gao” hot pot was good. “Nian Gao” is a popular in Ningbo, a seaport city in the northeast of Zhejiang, China.


Steam pork ribs with pumpkin was also good. But the ladies only picked the pumpkin and not the pork ribs. Perhaps too fatty for their diet.


A noodle soup with “suet choy” and pork for filler.


Stir fry Chinese broccoli (“gai lan”) was good as the gai lan was still crisp.


Pan fried pumpkin cake was chewy and filled with red bean paste. It felt oily on the outside.


I missed the photo of the sweet corn chicken thick soup which came last. We were not aware there is another soup in the specials of the day. We just ordered all of them. Emily commented that it’s a dessert soup while Marian said it’s a savoury soup.

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  1. Rosaline Chew(Teoh)

    Like this article but don’t they have English translation in their menu, on their bill etc.

    1. suannechowtimes

      Hi Rosaline, their menu has English translation except for the daily special menu which is in Chinese only.

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