Mei Yee Bakery on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

After lunch at Benss Cafe, we walked along Victoria Dr. a bit to help digestion. Ben likes to walk after a meal. Not so much for the boys.


We stopped by Mei Yee Bakery to buy some stuff for breakfast and snacks.


Ben wanted the Chicken steam buns which comes in 4 in a bag.


The bun does not look big when we bought it, but when we had it for breakfast the next morning, it felt bigger than it look. It is filled with chicken, ham, salted egg yolk and some crunchy daikon (I think).


I also bought Swiss Rolls for breakfast for the boys. One roll is $5.00 and two for $9.00. We bought the Mango and Coffee flavours. Arkensen commented that the mango flavour was not pronounced. The Swiss roll was bigger than most other bakery’s.


Nanzaro wanted some slice bread for sandwich. Chinese bakery makes perfect square slice bread.


Ben wanted the peanut mochi but there is none on the counter. When we asked the server, she said she’ll asked the “sifu” to make for us immediately. They are so fresh.

The bill came to just below $20.

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  1. sanfan

    that’s a good price for Swiss roll. We’ll need to check it out. DO they have the plum flavour? It’s kind of purplish.

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