Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine in Venezia Place, Richmond

Ben was having craving for Dakgalbi. After searching high and low in the internet, the only restaurant in Richmond which serves it is Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine in Venezia Place. We can’t believe that we have to come back to the same mall again in the same day.

We tried our luck in looking for a parking spot again. It must be our lucky day. Although there were already several cars waiting for a spot, a car in front of us just pulled out.


Haroo now only opens for dinner. We I first visited it, it served lunch and dinner.


Hot tea comes in a flask which keeps it hot.


The complementary appetizer was a congee. Nanzaro did not like it and passed his to me.


Banchans include soy bean sprout, napa cabbage kimchi, potato in sweet soy sauce and sweetish fish cake.


Ben ordered the Dalgalbi which is pan fried chicken with spicy sauce. It was a disappointment for Ben as he expected to see more sauce and more rice cakes. This is served in a hot plate and rather dry.


The Dakgalbi came with steamed rice and a salad. It was quite expensive at $18.95 for a single serving dish.


We also ordered Chulpan Tofu Bulgogi which is meant for 2 as there were three of us. This has tofu, marinated beef and vegetable served on an iron pan over a portable gas stove. The beef has to be cooked as they are served raw.


We mixed everything up after it comes to a boil so that the beef can be cooked properly. It is slightly spicy and we enjoyed it and there were more sauce to eat with extra steamed rice that we ordered. This dish does not come with rice.


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