Fraser Court Restaurant on Fraser St., Vancouver

It was a pouring Saturday morning where Nanzaro participated in the Eastside 10K run. He got a free run as his design for the T-shirt for the run was one of the five finalists.


Nanzaro wanted dim sum after his run. We went to Fraser Court Restaurant to reward him.

The place was full when we arrived. Moreover, a part of the dining room was partitioned off for some special function. We waited for a little while for a table. Ben noticed that they actually gave available table to some regular customers before us even though we arrived earlier.

Fraser Court Menu (1)Fraser Court Menu (2)

You can click on the dim sum menu to have a larger view.


Nanzaro wanted either Ha Kow or Shiu Mai. Ben ordered the Shiu Mai (steamed pork dumplings) which has some kind of fish in it too. It was quite a big dumpling.


The Sticky Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage is another Nanzaro’s favourite dish. This mini version is $6.95.

The Five Spice Spicy Beef Tendon was quite spicy. It left your lips with the sticky feel from the collagen of the tendon.IMG_6203

Ben also ordered a Rice in Hot Pot with Assorted Chinese Sausages. This is a staple dim sum dish.


Most of the sausages were regular Chinese sausages with a piece or two of Chinese bacon.


The last item was Rice Rolls with Spicy Prawns in Hot Pot. This was not spicy at all. I dipped the rice rolls in the Beef Tendon sauce to add flavour to the rice rolls.


Credit card is accepted here. Service is sparse and it’s difficult to flag down the servers.

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