Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna on Davie St., Vancouver

Ben and I went for a walk at the north side of the False Creek on a gloomy Saturday morning. It drizzled before we started the walk and we were glad that we did not give up and continued with our walk. We walked 20,000 steps that morning.


After the walk, Ben rewarded me with a good lunch. He brought me to Stephos. Since it was still 5 minutes before the restaurant opened for lunch, there was only one group of about 10 in line.


Ben ordered Humous for our appetizer. It was garlicky.


The humous came with three pillowy pita bread. The hummus and pita bread can be a meal by itself. (more…)

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Lunch at Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant at Continental Centre, Richmond

I just found these photos which were tucked away in my folder of “to blog” which I had long forgotten.


It was a weekend lunch with the family.


I had the Beef Brisket and Tendon Mixed Noodles. You get sticky lips eating the tendon.


For a change, Nanzaro ordered a Beef Fried Rice instead of the regular Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice.


Nanzaro had lots of chili oil to go with his fried rice. (more…)

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Comfort Breakfast at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant

Ben and I went out for our morning walk around the Richmond City Hall and Minoru Park.


Richmond City Hall is beautiful with the cascading water fall.


We walked over to Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant after our walk.

I ordered a Duck Congee as I love BBQ duck. It was quite a big bowl. The congee is creamy.


Ben ordered the Pork Liver Congee. The pork liver came in big slices.


Ben also had ordered a Soy Sauce Fried Noodle. He loves simple noodles like this.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the receipt and I forgot how much was the breakfast. Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant accepts cash only. (more…)

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89 Degrees Wonderful House Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

LR organized a mini chowdown at 89 degrees Shanghai Fusion Cuisine. Attendees included retired food blogger Karl of The Friday Lunch and Dennis the Foodie and missus (Wendy).


89 degrees Shanghai Fusion Cuisine is a family run restaurant.


I like the signage stands outside the restaurant which are loaded with pictures.


We left the ordering to Karl as he seems to be quite a regular here.


Menu with photos is always a good thing.


A table full of food. Here are what Karl ordered. (more…)

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Main Island Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Ben was off work on a Friday, in replacement for him working on Thanksgiving day. We planned to go for lunch at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Arkensen and Nanzaro love Indian food, so they did not protest even we had to drive across the bridge.

By the time we reached Burnaby, it was past noon and that was a busy lunch hour, especially on a Friday. The wait at Saffron is going to be long and we can’t predict the wait by looking at the tables because it is a buffet setting.


So, Ben suggested the Main Island Cafe a few doors away. It is one of his favourite lunch spot.


Main Island Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant specializes in noodles soup, especially fish noodle soup like the one below.


Well, this is not our order, but the server delivered it wrongly to our table.


This is what I ordered; oiled noodle with Malay laksa broth. The broth was relatively spicy although it does look red. (more…)

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Chicago Day 6: Chicago O’Hare Airport

Finally, it’s time to head to the airport. We picked up our luggage from the hotel and went back to the James R. Thompson Center to catch the blue line to the O’Hare Airport.


The fare from city center to O’Hare airport is only $3.


We got a quick bite from McDonalds in the airport after we passed security check.


Since we had plenty of time, Ben and I just went exploring the different terminals. Here are some of the photos we took from O’Hare airport. (more…)

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Chicago Day 6: Chicago Cultural Center

We returned to the hotel by noon to check out. Since our flight was at 7:30PM, we left our luggages at the concierge and went for more exploration.


We came upon a building with the sign “Chicago Pvblic Library” (that’s how the public spelled on the building). This is the north entrance from Randolph St., with Doric columns.


Apparently, the library is now converted to the Chicago Cultural Center that houses the city’s official reception venue. The above is the grand staircase leading to the Preston Bradley Hall.


An interesting view of the staircase from above. We saw a couple planning a wedding shoot here. (more…)

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