Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

On a Saturday morning, Ben brought us to Parker Place for dim sum. His first choice was Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant but there was already a long line waiting for tables. So, we decided not to wait. Ben is also not keen on Ningbo Seafood Restaurant as he was craving for pure Cantonese dim sum.


So, we walked over to Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant. This restaurant was big and we did get a table immediately.


Pleasant cutlery with table cloth setting.


It was difficult to get the server to bring us some chili sauce as they were always busy. So, Ben and Nanzaro helped themselves from a counter near the reception.


I picked the above Pan Fried Chive Dumpling as I remembered they were good the last time I had it here. The boys agreed.


Ben ordered the rest of the items. The above was Chef’s Noodle with Spare Ribs from the kitchen section. The noodle used here is the “Chan Chuen Fern” which is a kind of rolled up transparent noodle. The noodle absorbed the flavour of the sauce.


Steamed Chicken Claws with Soy Sauce. Only Ben and I had these, the boys will not touch them as they said there is no meat in them.


Steamed rice with Chicken in Hot Pot from the kitchen section. The boys need more carbo.


Pan Fried Halibut with Maggie Sauce. The boys tried to pick those with less bones. I love this dish.


Steamed Rice Roll with Prawn is also the boys’ choice. They simply like stuff that is easy to eat.


Lastly, the Steamed Siu Mai. It took a long time for this dish to come. We asked the servers 3 times and they kept telling us that it’s coming.


Credit card is accepted here..


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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