Breakfast at River Rock Buffet, Richmond

Ben and I went to the Richmond Costco to get the tires replaced. There is no appointment booking for the tire service. We were advised to go earlier, before the center opens at 8:00AM.

We went out before 7:30AM that morning and we were greeted with a great sunrise. There were already a few people in line. After we dropped off our key for the service, we went to look for a place for breakfast on foot. Ben suggested Kongee King or Buffet at the River Rock Casino.


We settled with the Buffet at River Rock because we thought we can spent more time there.


The place is spacious.


Ben asked for a table with the view of the water.


Candies decor at the buffet area.


Here are some of the food that we had. Egg Benedict with taters. The taters were buttery. Continue reading

Dim Sum at Kalok Seafood Restaurant at Union Square, Richmond

I am taking a short break from the Seoul travel series for a few local restaurants review.

This is a group meeting that ended with dim sum lunch on the last Friday of the month.


This time, we had dim sum at Kalok Seafood Restaurant at Union Square.


Since there was 16 people in our group, we had a big table instead of 2 tables we initially booked. We were seated under the crystal lamp.


Table setting with white ceramic dishes and plastic chopsticks.


Here are the dishes that we shared. Home Style Fried Vernicelli with BBQ pork and shrimp.


Duck Meat Fried Rice. Continue reading

Seoul Day 4: Dinner

We had dinner in Myeongdong again.


We settled with a ramen restaurant, Kenzo Ramen.


We had a Stir Fried Noodle which turned out to be like Yakisoba served on a hotplate.


The Kenso Ramen had a kimchee based broth. Not so good.

The meal came to KRW20500 (CAD20.50).

Seoul Day 4: Namsam

After having lunch at Gwangjang Market, we took the subway to Namsan. With the height of 860 feet, it’s a great place to take in the view of downtown Seoul’s skyline.


We took the cable car ride up to Namsan. Round trip for two was KRW16,000 (CAD16).

Cable Car

Cable Car

The Namsan cable car service is wheelchair friendly with a capacity of 20 passengers.

Elevator up

Elevator up

An elevator connects the Seoul Metropolitan near the entrance of Namsan Tunnel Three up to the cable car station. Continue reading

Seoul Day 4: Cheongyecheon Stream

Finally, we had a day with good weather.


Ben brought me back to the Cheongyecheon Stream to have a closer look. You’ll be amazed how clear is the water.


This 10km creek flows from west to east through the downtown Seoul.


Some decorations at the walkway on either side of the stream.


An emergency staircase to higher ground in case of flooding.


Crossing the Cheongyecheon Stream.