Cactus Club Cafe at Canada Place, Vancouver

Angie, Polly, Whitney and I had a pre-Christmas meet up early December. Whitney suggested Cactus Club Cafe at Canada Place from her colleague’s recommendation. Her colleague’s brother is a chef at that Cactus Club Cafe.


It was the night where the Christmas tree at Jackpoole Plaza is lighted up for the season. There was choir performance at the plaza when we arrived.


The day is getting shorter. It is totally dark after 5:00PM.


We managed to get a window seat from Whitney’s colleague’s connection.


Angie told us that she will be late. So, the three of us ordered our food first. We shared an appetizer of Fried Yam Fries.


The Prawn Ravioli was Whitney’s colleague’s recommendation. The ravioli tasted very rich and creamy.


We ordered the Wonton Soup for Polly’s sake. She just had her braces done and she can only eat soft food which has been cut into small pieces. We added prawns to the Wonton Soup. There were only four wontons in it. The broth tasted just like soy sauce flavour; not the typical Chinese wonton soup flavour. I would not recommend it.


When Angie arrived, she ordered Raincoast Salad with a glass of red wine. Her bill came to $30.75 before tips.


We shared two desserts at the end of the meal. The Key Lime Pie was very soft, not a dessert for sharing among friends. It became a mess when we tried to cut into it. It was not too sour and it’s good.


The second dessert was Lava Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


The lava cake was over-baked; there is no lava in this lava cake. The cake was very sweet.


The bill was split for ease of payment.

The restaurant was very busy on a Friday night. Hence, it was very noisy. Sometimes, I can barely hear my friends on the opposite site of the table.


When we came out after dinner, the Christmas tree at the Jackpoole plaza was lighted already.

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