Day 1 in Paris

After the nap, we ventured out to see Paris for the first time, that is for me. Ben had been to Paris 7 years ago.


We walked along Montparnesse to Saint Michel to Jardin Du Lexemburg. The above is the church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs located on boulevard du Montparnese.


Statue of Marshal Ney, Montparnesse.


Copper horse statues in fountain, Montparnesse.


A park leading to Jardin du Luxembourg.


There were a lot of people in the park. Some were seeking shelter under the shades of trees.


We saw a group of youth dancing at the entrance to the park.


Some people just enjoyed the sun. There were chairs in the parks that are movable.


Gravel walking path.


Fontaine de Medicis, Jardin du Luxembourg.


A close up look at the fountain.


After exploring the Luxembourg Garden, we continued our walk and came upon a Printemp Street Market event.


We had a Bodega Sandwich, a Spanish style sandwich. The sandwich was EUR7.


It sure looked appetizing.


We intended to find the Patheon but could not find it. We walked all the way to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The love locks on the Pont de l’Archeveche. We saw a couple of newly weds takings photos here.

Unfortunately, the love locks had been removed in June 2015. This is because the bridge’s railings collapsed under the weight of the padlocks.


My first glimpse of Notre Dame Cathedral.


We also walked over to check out the Latin Quarters nearby.  There are a lot of restaurants here. We will be back for the food. We noticed that French people love to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee at the patio of restaurants. The cute thing is the seating at the patio is in the form of rows like those found in theater. While they enjoy watching passers by, we also enjoy watching them.


I also noticed that the apartment here have very narrow patio with grill. The patio is so narrow that it only have enough room for potted plants and standing room only.

We decided to call it a day early as we were still tired fro m lack of sleep in the long haul flight and jet lag started to kick in. On the way, we bought a croissant from La Croissant but it was not as flaky as it should be. I expected better quality croissant in Paris.

We also stopped by Carrefour Express to buy some soft cheese to eat with a baguette for a light dinner.

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