Kawawa Japanese Ramen in Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby

Ben and I were bored walking in the malls in Richmond when the weather does not permit us to walk outside. So, Ben drove to Metrotown instead. In fact, it’s better to walk in Metrotown as it’s bigger, hence we need to walk less rounds to achieve our goal.


After our walk, we looked for a restaurant for lunch. We ended up with Kawawa Japanese Ramen on the upper level of Metropolis. We were there around noon and the restaurant was already full. We were the first in line for the next seating.


We were given the menu while in line and the server took our orders before we got a table.


The seating is pretty tide.


Ben ordered the Kawawa Ramen which is their signature ramen with miso broth. It is served with 3 pieces of roast porks which are fork tender. There are also beansprout, kimchi, onion slices, egg and seaweed slice.


I had the Tan Tan Ramen which was a new item promoted at the store front. This has minced pork, corn, beansprout and seaweed. It was a little spicy.


The condiments on the table include chili powder, minced garlic and chili sauce.


The condiments are good to eat with the noodle, especially the chili sauce.


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