U-Pick Strawberries at W&A Farm, Richmond

The praise dance group from the RCEFC went to pick strawberries after the praise dance session on a Thursday morning. Thanks to Angel for organizing this field trip.


June is the strawberries season but according to the farmer, this year’s season arrives early. We went to pick the strawberries in early June and was told that it’s almost end of the u-pick season.


We went to the W&A Farm on the corner of No.8 Road and Westminster Hwy for the u-pick.


I had not picked strawberries for a few years and I noticed that the price had gone up. It’s $2.50 a pound now.


The strawberries were juicy and sweet.


The above were some of the harvest of our group. We brought our own containers. Garden gloves and a small pair of scissors are the essentials for picking strawberries. Do not forget about sun screen and a hat.


The above were the harvest of the farm. They sell the strawberries at about $4 per pound.


When we went to pay for the strawberries we picked, the person who manned the stall is very quick in calculating the price. The weight is deducted by 1/2 pound for the weight of the container. Apparently, he has a cheat list of all the prices with every possible weight.

You can click on this link for some delicious strawberries recipes.

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