Nadu Spicy Restaurant in Brighouse Square, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up at Nadu Spicy Restaurant in Brighouse Square. We have not met since Marian and Emily went back to their home country for Chinese New Year celebration.


Ben did mention to me that he remembered there is Nadu in Beijing too.


The interior still looks like the former Chamonix Restaurant that occupied this location.


The restaurant was not busy at 1PM on a week day.


We ordered three appetizers to start with. Marian wanted the Potato Slice. It was crunchy.


Marian also picked the Rice Jelly in Chili Sauce. The rice jelly was very slippery and hard to pick up using a pair of chopsticks.


The server recommended the Sticky Rice Lotus Root which came up to be a sweet dish.


Our main dish was the Nadu House Hot Pot which is Ma La Xiang Guo.  We had the small one for $24.95 where we can pick 3 meat and 3 vegetables. We had the mild spicy version but it turned out to be quite spicy, in fact too spicy for Lorna and Emily.

Our choice of ingredients include wood ear, dried bean curd stick, bean curd skin, fish tofu, pork belly and beef. I do not quite like the beef which came in too large pieces.

Of course, we must have this dish with steam rice.


We paid cash. I can’t recall if they accept credit card or not.

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